Reasons for food recycling

Below you can find the main reasons why food is recycled:

Expired products

Especially at supermarkets, each day expired products are collected in order to be destroyed.

Recupal-West manages the completely logistics chain at these stores. At most supermarkets, pallet boxes of 600 litres will be installed, to be filled with the supermarket waste. These waste containers are exchanged on a regular basis. The expired food waste is unpackaged and recycled into raw materials for fermentation installations.

Production errors & packing errors

At the manufacturer’s, production errors can occur (e.g. too little contents, incorrect contents, etc.). Packing errors can occur as well (incorrect labelling, improper sealing, etc.). For the destruction of these products you are always at the right address at Recupal-West.

 Transport damage

In case of transport damage to food products, no risks can be taken to still market those. Recupal-West manages the destruction of your food products.


Intercepted imitation goods should be destroyed as well. At Recupal-West, imitation goods are destroyed and, if necessary, under the supervision of Customs.

Damage lots/residual lots

In case of damage through fire, smoke, or water to food products, no risks can be taken to still market those. Destruction is required.

In this case you are at the right address at Recupal-West once again!