Recupal-West manages the collection of your product, according to the wishes of the client!

Recupal-West has tank wagons, curtainsider trailers, and skip vehicles available for the collection of your (food) products.

Clients can count on punctual service; furthermore we can be reached 24/7 in order to help you.

  • Curtainsider trailers, both for partial and full freights
    For the collection of products on pallets, IBC containers, barrels, pallet boxes, ASP containers, etc.

  • Tank transport
    For the collection of liquid products, with loading capacity up to 32 m³.

  • Skip vehicles
    For the collection of packed or unpacked products, we have skips and roll on/off containers available with a volume between 20 to 40 m³.

  • Weighing bridge
    Our weighing bridge is certified, calibrated, and open 6 days a week for the weighing of your products