Recycling of packaged foodstuffs

Recupal-West recycles both liquid food and dry products, thanks to various unpacking lines.

We offer the suitable solution in order to take each packaged food product from its packaging.

Here are some examples:

  •    Dairy products
    Yoghurt (packaged in glass or plastic), milk bottles (glass or plastic), milk in Tetra Pack, rice pudding in buckets, etc.

  •    BeveragesVerpakte Voedingswaren
    Destruction of beverages is one of the specialities of Recupal-West.
    Beverage packaging materials such as Tetra Pack, PET bottles, glass bottles, crates, vats, etc. don’t hold any secrets for us.
    By means of a semi-automatic bottles’ line, we have the option to uncork bottles (e.g. beer bottles in crates). The empty materials can therefore be exchanged, depending what the client wishes.

  •    Vegetables and fruit
    packaged in bottles and/or cans

  •    Sauces
    packaged in tubes, bottles or smaller plastic packaging

  •   Cookies/chocolate/powders/bakery products
    The bakery products are mostly packaged in aluminium or plastic packaging. The powders, packaged in bags or in cans, can be easily unpacked.

  •   Supermarket waste, prepared meals & refrigerated products
    Since 2010, Recupal-West has an additional unpacking line suited for mixed packing materials. With this unpacking line, we recycle returned goods from large warehouse, prepared meals, and refrigerated products.

In short, we accept all types of packaging, furthermore you can count on our logistics service.

Our references mainly include food manufacturers, but also supermarkets, wholesalers, and insurance agencies can contact us.

Do you have any questions, or would you like to know more about our environmentally-friendly and reliable destruction of these food products? Contact us!